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Story of S .Lurd Francis

I am S .Lurd Francis residing at 2/201 railway line, Mugaiyur – 600755. I am writing my work experience at RCT.

I joined Annai English knowledge centre as a teacher from the day it was started at 1989. I continued my job as a teacher for continuously 6 years. Mrs M.Marya Jesintha, Mrs Yesumary, Mrs Sagayamary, Mudiyappan and Mrs Theresammal were my co-workers at that time. In this Mrs Sagayamary was the teacher for the technical institute present.

Nearly 25 to 30 children’s were studying at that time and when I got relived from my job and joined government school nearly 100 boys and girls were studying.

The children’s who studied at that time are now in a good position in the society. Some of them are M.Jose Premkumar who got his Doctor degree from Russia and Thiru Bakyaraj M.Sc., B.Ed., Selvi T.Mary Syndiya M.A., B.Ed.,Dt.Ed., Selvi Sagayamari M.A., B.Ed., Selvi Ranilda B.Sc.,B.Ed., are the people who are now working as undergraduate and postgraduate teachers. Thiru. Jagadesh became an actor in the Tamil film industry. When I think about these people I am proud of myself worked in RCT.

Story of S.A. Raj

I am S.A. Raj. I worked in the library of RCT under the Human Resource Centre Scheme.

This library functions six day a week from morning 10.00 am to evening 5.00 pm. I was involved in registering the reader’s details who came to the library, getting their signature in the register, maintaining the library, sorting the books, entering the details of the books which has been taken outside for reading by the member’s and many more.

The library consists of books favourite for all ages from children to elderly people. It also consists of newsletter of various NGO’s in Tamil, English and Hindi, novels, short stories, poet’s, Multilanguage books on politics, religion, drama, autobiography and history were also present. Books, newsletters and materials which Mr M.G. collects from the various training sessions which he has attended were also present in the library.

Unification of younger generation is made possible by utilising their strength for the empowerment of the society was well known by the Director Mr M.G. at that time.

Based on the library made by RCT, now the village Mugaiyur has a village library established by the government.

Story of R. Jesudas

I am R. Jesudas, Aayathur. At present I am working as a drawing teacher at Sacred higher secondary school, Tindivanam. When I completed my education and was in search of job I joined RCT. Workers from all over the villages of Tindivanam, Villupuram used to come to our office. Our organisation office used to be always crowded with these workers. Without seeing day or night I in my charge used to conduct programmes in savings, women’s sangam, night schools, farming, environmental management, herbal medicine and various dramas’.

In the early days when the movement for Dalit Christians was formed, I wrote a poem for the dance and drama programme on the social awareness. After long years now when I went for a school annual day function, the student’s in that school performed for this song. Really I was very happy at that time. When I went and asked the dance teacher how they know this song they said it was taught at “Mugaiyur RCT”. I said to them that I was the person who wrote that poem. All the staff and people over their felt happy and all of them praised me for my job. But all of the praise which I got is because of RCT which gave me freedom and taught me to thing deeply about the society during my working day at RCT. I am really thankful to them.

Story of A.S. Joseph

I am A.S. Joseph. My house was present in the railway region Mugaiyur. Rural Community Trust (RCT) was first started opposite to my home in a rented flat at that time. Nursery school, typing institute all were started to function from there and then moved to the permanent office which is present now. In those days it was amazing to me to see a Anglo Indian Women from Villupuram used to come and taking in English to the kids present in our street and RCT.

I worked in RCT from 1991-1993. my administrative office was present in Manam Poondi, Kodukapattu, Vasantha Krishnapuram, Adhichanur, SadaiKatti, Kalleri, Andal pattu, Ko.Pappan Padi, M.G. Nagar, Anna nagar, Manalurpettai, Navampet, Adaram pattu, Thanchampattu, Aalli kondanpattu, PRanoor andli, Emaper, Panaiyur, Vanapuram all these above places were my working grounds.

The Experience I Got From My Job at RCT :
  • How to form Sangam’s(training in sangams) – Vallikandapuram
  • How to develop acting skills for social welfare drama – Seed Organization, Javathumalai.
  • Small savings – PMSSS Pudhuchery
  • Legal issues and training - IRDS, Aalambadic
  • Environment – Meditation centre, Chennai.

I had developed and grown my personal skills from RCT and I also hope all my workers at RCT will also do the same and make their life happier like me.

Motivator's Voice

M.S. Fernandes
ILCU Mugaiyur
RCT is a organization which functions beyond caste, creed and religion. The present women’s self helping group in villages was the role model of RCT ‘s main initiative.

K. Dhanalakshmi
We from RCT taught the school students the habit of saving. RCT taught us to communicate with others without having the restrictions of caste, creed and religion. A person like me who doesn’t know outer world was transformed to a person who can go to the government organization and demand and get the basic needs for the public, i am proud to say this change in me happened with the help of RCT.

(HRPB) Mugaiyur
We here at (HRPB) served the children without any variation and discrimination. No children here at (HRPB) fell ill due to mal nutrition. We all worked here with a motherly love and co-operation with others.

(HRPB) Mugaiyur
I worked as a kitchen helper for nearly 60 to 70 student’s here in (HRPB). we need to travel long distance in search of water for drinking and other purpose which we need to carry in our heads, but now pumps and motor’s have been fixed, on seeing this type of required growth makes us feel satisfied.

LISA Co-operation chennakunam
I have attended trainings in nearly 9 districts under RCT. I have an experience for 13 years in the field of co-operative management, organic farming, pollution control of water land and air, open classroom and mass production which was given by RCT. With which now I am working as a successful Technical farming consultant for soil, water, air and pests.

A.Sundarajan Teacher
The faith which the public showed towards Thiru M.G. in the by poll election is an example for the victory Mr. M.G. got due to his dedication which he showed in social welfare.
They provide quality food and shelter not only for rural poor boys but also for rural poor girls, which can been seen through our eyes even today when we go there.

Na. Nagarajan
RCT has changed me from a person who used to stay at home and consider about me & my family to a person who can do the social welfare and think about the society. I can’t forgot that RCT has made me start a NGO separately and to run it successfully all because of RCT.

The knowledge which I gained through the training sessions conducted by RCT in general knowledge and social awareness has helped still now to do my government job with excellence.

RCT helped me to know detail about one of the world’s deadliest disease AIDS and to share my knowledge to the society is a memorable movement in my life.

Nallavan Pallayam
I drafted the management and working procedures for various movements which are united by the women sangam’s. I feel fulfilled working co-operatively with my co-workers and taking care about their lives.

Palli Chandal
I was interested in taking about the practises and implementation methods in organic farming among the farmers. We explained the people by forming “Readers Circle” that at present we consume poisoned food cultivated using the modern fertilizers and made various test to show and prove them in the meetings. Under farmer’s safety scheme we procured farming equipment’s through RCT and distributed to the farmer’s.

R.Joseph Raj
HRPB, Mugayur
I worked as warden in the Home for Rural Boys (HRPB) which helps me now to work as a warden in another hostel.

Vasantha krishnapuram
We fought for one of the basic amenities of getting the ration card for the poor people from the government sector and we won and got the ration card’s, all these were a memorable movement in my life.

I got the opportunity to take part in the various training sessions conducted by various NGO’s functioning in various fields. At the same time RCT helped to stay in villages and live as one among them and work for their upliftment which can’t be forgotten.

Madavillagam Kandachipuram
I was an illiterate. RCT taught me how to communicate with the society. I worked with RCT in training the village people to follow the savings behaviour in them. All these things has made me today a Entrepreneur who is running a milk society at Mugaiyur. I have learned a lot from RCT. It had made me a business owner today.

M. Kanniyapan
Four years I worked in RCT without any management interference. We had full freedom to do our work. The speeches and stories given in the evenings at the old age home at RCT is a wonderful experience for life.

When we call Mr. M.G. sir as “Hello Sir” he used to reply “Enna Pa” a friendly term in tamil to us. All of my mistakes in preparing the plan for various activities have been taught and rectified by Mr.M.G. sir. He is a philosopher and a guide to me. Now I earn Rs.28,000 as a government employee but I don’t have peaceful sleep at night. But on those days when I worked for RCT day and night travelling various villages for a wage of Rs.650 I used to sleep with fulfilment and peace of mind. Now I am feeling when those Golden Days will return in my life.

All the workers worked without any expectation for the welfare and upliftment for the society. Nearly 300 people would have worked and got relived from RCT till now and now they all are leading successful life, for all of this RCT can be said as one of the reasons.

M.Justin Ananraj
It is not wrong to say that more than 40 families lived because of RCT. I learned the expenditure and savings account management from RCT when I was working there. Now I go to various NGO organisation and maintain their accounts with excellence. I am proud to say all these things only because of what I learned from RCT.

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Motivator's Voice

RCT is a organization which functions beyond caste, creed and religion...
--  M.S. Fernandes

We here at (HRPB) served the children without any variation and discrimination...
--  Rayappan

Success Stories

I joined Annai English knowledge centre as a teacher from the day it was started at 1989...
--  S .Lurd Francis

Rural Community Trust (RCT) was first started opposite to my home in a rented flat at that time. Nursery school, typing institute...
--  A.S. Joseph

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