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Our Mission

About Us

Home for Rural Poor Boys and Girls. was established in 1988 in order to offer a safe living environment for orphaned and destitute children from the surrounding rural villages within a 100 km radius of the home.hrpb1

hrpb2Many children are socially disabled and oppressed and it is the aim of our trust to ensure that they get a basic quality of life, education, and a sound foundation so that they may have a brighter future.

HRPB accepts children between the age limit 9-18 regardless of race, caste and religion. It consists of 100 children and 5 assistants at present. The boys attend the nearest local school and reside at HRPB.

Who are We?

The rural Community Trust is a non-profit organization which was founded in 1985. It works for children from impoverished rural communities. It focuses on the empowerment of women through micro-credit and saving schemes, training and other workshops.hrpb17 RCT is a socially responsible charitable trust that was founded by a group of like-minded people with the goal of protecting the future of children from weak economic strata by giving them a safe living environment and sound education.hrpb16The core motivation is to provide youngsters with the skill and opportunity required to become self-sufficient, responsible and productive citizens.

Our Acheivments

hrpb3HRPB has brought up more than 1000 students over the past few years, successfully molding young lives and giving them an assurance of a bright future. It can accommodate 100 students at once and is presently operating with strength of 90 students. The highest preference is given to orphan, semi-orphan and destitute children. Some children whose parents are unable to care for them due to extreme poverty are also accepted and educated through the efforts of RCT.


While the media claims that India is one of the fastest growing countries in the world, it is also true that there is widespread poverty, illiteracy and other social ills here that often go unseen and unnoticed. There is a stark contrast in the division of wealth and while the wealthy continue to accumulate wealth, a large section of the populace lives in abject poverty.

More than 80% of the Indian population is denied access to a quality education, consequently relegating them to a life of misery and poverty.There is very little probability of availing gainful employment and so they are forced to remain land-less farmers, laborers and daily wage earners, constantly struggling to make ends meet and avoid bankruptcy. They are also unable to save money for their future generations.


    RCT believes that the fundamental and sweeping change required to free these people from their social burdens and poverty can only be effected through education and awareness. It is constantly and tirelessly working towards bringing about social equality and restoring balance by providing people in low-economic strata with the resources and education required to rise above their circumstances and fulfill their highest potential.

Vision and Focus of the Organization

hrpb10Rural Community Trust's vision is to empower the poor and bridge the gap between the educated and the uneducated by providing quality education to children from impoverished and rural backgrounds.


RCT has been founded by people from the local community and have themselves been exposed to the trials of poverty, and illiteracy.hc16 Having had an experiential understanding of the serious issues faced by the poor within the local community, it has taken upon the responsibility to minimise their suffering and to establish a system wherein they will be able to stand up for themselves.RCT also caters to the lowest castes, especially Dalits, and is committed to helping them break the shackles of the derogation and stigma placed on them by society.

Aims and Objectives

  • To create a homely family atmosphere rather than that of an institution.
  • To encourage every child to fulfill his or her individual potential so that s/he may enjoy a full and happy life.
  • hrpb11
  • To provide local children from impoverished families, from the weakest communities with the financial support and other resources needed to continuing their education.
  • To provide parental care and support to orphaned children.
  • To supplement the lack of provisional support to the poor.
  • To provide opportunities for children to learn special skills during the holidays.
  • To help children build good character and instill in them high principles and values.


The HRPB is a home in the true sense of the word. It does not merely provide food and shelter. It offers a simple, family atmosphere and individual attention. The atmosphere is one of a large happy family in which each child respects and helps his or her “Brothers” and “Sisters”. When a child comes to HRPB, s/he learns how to communicate and how to live as part of a family. The individual talents and innate abilities are nurtured without force or rigidity.


All the boys and girls go to the local school where they are encouraged to make friends with their peers from outside of the home. HRPB has a strict timetable for home study to ensure academic success of its children.

The students take an active part in maintaining the home. They learn how to carry out tasks such as paintings, tailoring and cooking. In addition, they also have their own plot of land where they grow vegetables.

In 1992 HRPB purchased 2 ½ hectares of land on which rice, maize, and groundnut will be grown. This helps to reduce the food costs at the home. In addition, the farm also has some long term investment crops such as teak trees etc.

Daily Curricular Activites

Usually children awaken at 5: 30 in the morning. After preparing themselves for the day, they go for Morning Prayer for 30min and study for 1 hour morning.

After study hours, children will clean the house for 15min followed by after which they leave to attend school. School hours are from 9.15 Am to 4.45 Pm.


A School van comes every day to pick up the kids in the morning and drops them in HRPB in the evening.

After schooling, gardening activities take place between 4.45 Pm to 5.00 Pm. Then they go for games or study. Tuitions in English, Computer Education and Mathematics have been arranged for the children, inclusive of special attention to those who are below average.

Apart from these academic activities, children are encouraged to try their hand at various extracurricular activities during the holidays.



It is difficult to concentrate on the below average students and the average students at the same time. It is a constant struggle and challenge to find adequate sources to feed the children good quality and nutritious food.

Achievements of the Project

  • Children from rural villages are motivated to continue schooling without interruption.
  • Child labor surrounding this area is mostly prevented.
  • Sound and exemplary characters are formed for future generations.
  • Vocational training enables them to become financially independent and expand their horizons in every way.
  • Cost and Expenditure Management
  • Children have learned informal technical education without any additional expenditure.
  • Children are healthy.

Future Plan

hrpb7Children are perhaps the most precious assets in any society. However, many of them live in terrible poverty and are placed in horrifying situations and difficulties, especially in a country like India. RCT has been resolute in finding ways and methods to ensure that they have a bright future.

hrpb8However, to do this RCT requires more resources and funding. If we continue to operate on a deficit it cannot be sustainable in the long term. Therefore, it wishes to conduct fundraising campaigns in order to create a corpus that will ensure RCT's existence for a long time.

Funds are desperately needed to maintain the highest hc14standards of service and ensure that more and more children can reap the benefits of a happy and secure living environment. Therefore, accommodation facilities have to be upgraded in order to provide space to more children.

Help Us Secure a Bright Future for the Children

HRPB is primarily support of local contributions. We provide the best to the children out of what we get. Yet, to ensure that the children are given a good quality of life with nutritious food, especially the cooking oil, rice and groceries RCT needs your generous support and encouragement.

The amount you donate will be utilized as listed below
1.Food 2.Clothing 3.School Fees 4.Maintenance
5.Health Insurance 6.Medical Expenses 7.Stationary 8.School Shoes and Daily Foot Wear
9.Additional Stationary 10.Excursions & Knowledge Trips 11.Toiletries 12.Miscellaneous

Sponsorship Options

hrpb13RCT options will help you choose the way they you would like to support us.

We have categorized a few schemes based on our need. You can choose any of the below. If you think the options are less, we would request you to call us or write us stating your opinion and the way you would like to help us.

Our Support Schemes

Our Support Schemes :
To Sponsor education cost of a child per annum (Includes School Fee, Uniform, Shoes, Bag, Books, Stationary) Rs 14,500.00
Knowledge Trips :
Rs.2500.00 per child / per annum
Gift of Food :

To provide 1 time Vegetarian Feast Meal :
To provide 1 time Non-Vegetarian Feast Meal :
Gift of Cloths :

To provide 5 pairs of New Clothes, 6 Inner Wear, 6 Napkins & 2 Towels for 1 Child per annum Rs 2500

Gift of Health :

To provide health insurance for major illness this covers of 25 thousands for 1 child per annum Rs 400 premium

Celebrate Your Occassion With Us :

You can celebrate special days like Birthdays, Anniversaries with the children by donate a lunch/Dinner or gifts.

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Motivator's Voice

RCT is a organization which functions beyond caste, creed and religion...
--  M.S. Fernandes

We here at (HRPB) served the children without any variation and discrimination...
--  Rayappan

Success Stories

I joined Annai English knowledge centre as a teacher from the day it was started at 1989...
--  S .Lurd Francis

Rural Community Trust (RCT) was first started opposite to my home in a rented flat at that time. Nursery school, typing institute...
--  A.S. Joseph

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